2007 - Presente

Since the year 2007, Prodigio Consultores has been a pioneer in Latin America in the development of information services, and Digital Repositories and Libraries. The company has conceptualized and implemented a great quantity of high quality and visually striking information services.
Enlace: www.prodigioconsultores.com

2006 - Presente

Consultor Internacional en Gestión de Información y Repositorios Digitales

Since the year 2007, with a great deal of technical knowledge and a strong strategic sense, I have provided business consulting services to diverse types of organizations and library systems, and I am dedicated to excellence and continuous innovation.

2008 - 2012

Professor, Information Architecture and User Experience of Web Projects

Professor in charge of creating the first program for teaching information architecture of web projects; the academic program itself meets high standards with respects to its strategies, concepts, and techniques, and as a final requirement to finish the course the students must create and implement a project that properly aggregates value in an organization or information unit.
Enlace: www.utem.cl

2009 - 2012

Project Evaluator for Innovation in Scientific Publications

Consultant, in four consecutive occasions, in charge of evaluating applications to the national fund for innovation in scientific publications (CONICYT).
Enlace: www.conicyt.cl

2003 - 2006

Specialist Librarian in Projects and Digital Resources.

This position involves creating and constantly optimizing new digital information services, as well as the timely analysis of technological processes and systematic integration of different services. Furthermore, the position entails supporting the creation of innovative projects related to the information system ALEPH, as well as management, technical duties, and transmitting skills.
Enlace: www.dibam.cl


During my professional career, I have led the technical and strategic development of more than 32 Digital Repositories and digital information services for various organizations. I have also been a consultant for the following international organizations: FAO, UNESCO and ECLAC.



Thesis Project: Through the support of techniques derived from machine learning, information retrieval and computational linguistics, the process of analysis and detection of banking entities is improved, to support the control and regulation of credit limits in the Superintendence of Banks and Financial Institutions.
Enlace: http://repositorio.uchile.cl/tesis


Diploma in Knowledge Management and Management Control , Universidad de Chile.


Master of Communication and Marketing(c). Universidad Mayor.


Librarian, Bachelor of Information Management. Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana.

Habilidades integrales

Ingeniería de la Información y Gestión del Conocimiento 100%
Diseño de Unidades de Información y Modelos de Servicios 100%
Diseño y Gestión de Proyectos 100%
Sistemas de Información, Repositorios y Bibliotecas Digitales 100%
Gestión Documental y Procesos de Negocios 100%
Innovación Tecnológica y Tecnologías Exponenciales 100%
Arquitectura de Información y Conceptualización de Proyectos 100%


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